Diver Kevin Toy

Diver Kevin Toy


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Part Number:283729 Manufacturer: Safari Ltd.

Ready to explore the depths with you is Kevin, the underwater adventurer! Complete with his SCUBA (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) gear, Kevin knows all the best spots to check out. Swim with the fish, study coral reefs, and take in the ocean ecosystem!

Characteristics: Posed in a forward swimming motion, Kevin is moving towards something for closer inspection! Meticulously hand painted and artfully crafted, this figurine includes all of the vital components of a SCUBA set for lifelike realism and accuracy.

Size and Color: 7 inches long, 2.3 inches wide and 1.3 inches tall, this figurine is the length of a No. 2 pencil, as tall as a quarter stood upright, and the width of a credit card. Kevin is a welcome addition to anyone’s desk, nightstand, or model collection, but he’d prefer somewhere where he can put his SCUBA gear to use!

Non-toxic and BPA free.

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